New Developments Suggest Pro-Life Cause Still an Uphill Battle

A couple of bits of news this past week were a sobering reminder for those of us who are pro-life. In spite of the repeal of Roe v. Wade, the stars are deliberately being aligned against unborn human life.

First, we learned of a state Supreme Court decision in neighboring South Carolina. Chief Justice Kay Hearn wrote the decision overturning a state abortion ban at 6 weeks. She employed the kinds of intentional constitutional illogic we have seen in the past directed toward achieving a certain desired outcome. Justice Hearn’s bio states she enjoys singing in her church choir, thereby suggesting she might be a liberal mainline church congregant.

My understanding is that state Supreme Court justices in South Carolina are nominated by the state legislature. It is also my recollection that South Carolina has been a solid Republican state for many years. It ought to be unsurprising that Republican appointees to the Supreme Court could arrive at such a decision because that has notoriously happened for many years at the federal level. Nonetheless, South Carolina is a Bible Belt state; and this development must be regarded as discouraging, at least to some extent.

Second, the announcement that both CVS and Walgreen’s will be carrying the abortion pill arouses considerable concern. This is potentially unsafe because of the risk of hemorrhaging. In addition, ectopic pregnancies can become an issue; and pregnant women can die as a consequence of these complications.

Given the fact that both pharmacies took a major lead with the Covid-19 vaccinations, we have reason to be concerned that these organizations are doing harm. It is predictable that large corporations like CVS and Walgreen’s are adopting the woke/ progressive stance; but many of us might want to reconsider doing business with these companies.

Democratic socialist politicians and their bureaucracies are pushing to enable the abortion pill to become more widely available, prescribed via telehealth, and shipped across state lines,. This is yet another challenge for the pro-life community. These politicians and their soulmates within the bureaucracy are delivering abortion pill prescriptions directly to CVS and Walgreen’s.

Achieving pro-life outcomes at the state level in the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade is going to require a smart, multi-pronged approach. Let’s hope our representatives are up to the challenge, and fight for what is right.


2 thoughts on “New Developments Suggest Pro-Life Cause Still an Uphill Battle

  1. All this is extremely disappointing and more than that, discouraging. Challenging is an understatement. The goal posts keep moving. It is very much like the Internal Revenue Code… plenty of loopholes and ways to circumvent measures put in place.

  2. Fred, the socialists and cultural marxists have deep inroads in nearly all of the major institutions. These are mostly evil people who are willing to take innocent human life. Prevailing over them will require determination. Are the Republicans sufficiently determined?

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