Congress Passes “Kill Switch” for Automobiles

The infrastructure bill, passed in Congress with the help of Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans, is now reported to contain a provision that requires car manufacturers to include a “kill switch” in new cars. The requirement will take effect in five years.

This is reported by former Congressman Bob Barr.

This “kill switch” is being justified to enable the car to be stopped if a driving pattern is detected that suggests impairment with alcohol and the like. However, the lessons of the last three years are that government will egregiously overstep its bounds and take away our liberty. It is quite obvious that government can– and will– use this technology for nefarious purposes. Folks who run afoul of the left’s expectations will run the risk of have their driving privileges canceled.

One important aspect of the green agenda is that the progressive/socialist left wants to take away our mobility– our freedom of movement. These efforts are coming to fruition with the support of both major parties, in various ways. The “kill switch” is but one manifestation.

Notions previously ascribed to “conspiracy theorists” and “tin-foil hat types” are now becoming mainstream because governmental efforts behind the scenes to restrict liberty have been revealed to be much worse than any of us could have imagined.


4 thoughts on “Congress Passes “Kill Switch” for Automobiles

  1. It may prevent auto thefts but the down side is the implication on both privacy and safety risks.

  2. There’s also a provision that was passed in the infrastructure bill that starting 2025 or 2026 all new cars are required to have an interlock device. So now something that was a punishment for driving drunk will be forced on law abiding citizens. In addition there are many things that will falsely set it off such as toothpaste and things containing xylitol.

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