How the Vaccine Takes Out Athletes

The Covid vaccines cause myocarditis– or heart muscle inflammation– that leaves behind scarring. This myocarditis is quite prevalent among young men who take the vaccine; and it can be relatively mild. During athletic activity, there is a rush of adrenaline. The electrical pathways in the heart injured by scarring and inflammation are more prone to generating lethal heart rhythms. That is the hypothesis:


4 thoughts on “How the Vaccine Takes Out Athletes

  1. All this way above my pay grade. These young men should be given a choice as whether or not to take the jab, Unfortunately many organizations, such as as the NFL, mandate the vaccine. This is wrong.

  2. Air Force Academy athlete drops dead on campus going to class. (Military academies required vaccinations):

    “The Air Force Academy announced Tuesday that cadet Hunter Brown, an offensive lineman on the football team, died Monday at age 21.

    Brown, a sophomore, suffered a medical emergency while leaving his dorm to go to class, the academy said. First responders were called to the scene to attempt life-saving measures on Brown but they were not successful.

    “Our players, staff and entire Academy have been so blessed and fortunate to have Hunter as a part of our lives,” Air Force football coach Troy Calhoun said. “He was a pure joy to coach and have as a teammate. He was tough, a great worker, and no one unselfishly pulled harder for others than Hunter. His mom and dad, Candyce and Dustin, raised a wonderful son who made each of us a better person. We love our great brother, and our thoughts and prayers are with Hunter’s incredible soul and his family.”

    Hunter, a native of Lake Charles, Louisiana, was listed as a center on Air Force’s football roster online. He did not see game action for the Falcons.

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    1. Tragic, Jaycee. I can’t imagine what this would be like for a parent.

      It’s an outrage that our government did this to our kids. People need to be held accountable in a manner commensurate with the harm done.

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