Is Biden Leading Us to WW III?

There is much talk during the Christmas season about “peace on earth”. On the other hand, our leaders are unjustifiably involving us in a war in which no American interests are at stake.

Yesterday, the corrupt GOP caucus in the U.S. Senate voted to help pass a massive omnibus bill, ostensibly in order to continue to fund the war in Ukraine. They did not have time to read this bill which is packed with numerous progressive/ socialist priorities. Among these is a plan to spend $575 million dollars to fund abortions and other “family planning/ reproductive health” activities. The goal is to reduce the population where the presence of too many people threatens “biodiversity”. (HT: TS)

So now there is more money to fund the Ukraine war. What is Biden doing?

  1. Stationing US troops in Estonia near the Russian border
  2. Placing US troops within Ukraine to train the Ukrainian military
  3. Giving Ukraine access to Patriot missile technology, which might include placing Ukrainian military troops on a US military base in the continental United States to control these missiles.

Each of these actions is a major escalation on the part of Biden. And again, this is happening because of a conflict in which there are no vital American interests at stake.

What happens when actions of this type occur? One possibility is that Putin might be goaded into starting World War III by firing upon a NATO member nation or the United States military in the region. Another is that nuclear weapons might be used.

In fact, we must wonder, in view of how profoundly nonsensical Biden’s actions are, as to whether it is his INTENT to goad Putin into starting a major war.

This type of thing has happened in US history. I can think of two examples. First, Abraham Lincoln assiduously goaded the South to fire the first shot to start the civil war. Second, Franklin D. Roosevelt was itching to enter World War II, and he took actions to provoke the Japanese– which included imposing an oil embargo.

It therefore makes sense that this could be Biden’s intent. There is one factor that might prevent such an awful outcome for the United States, however.

Putin is much more moral than our own president. Biden, after all, is an amoral sleazebag. It is therefore hoped that the Russian leader will continue to show restraint, and be careful not to trigger a wider war, in spite of Biden’s provocations and escalations.


2 thoughts on “Is Biden Leading Us to WW III?

  1. It really is hard to imagine a nuclear conflict. Mutually assured destruction has been a safeguard for 60 years . Budget busting politicians of both parties continue to send military equipment to Zelenskyy which is only going prolong the stalemate. The conventional wisdom is that Russia’s armed forces are a paper tiger. Don’t so sure. Stick the bear in the eye and perhaps you wont like the response. Just sayin’.

    1. MAD is a huge protection, Fred, as you say. But we are not even assured of prevailing in a conventional war, as you suggest. Biden has been busy weakening the military; and we don’t really consistently have the will to win, in part because huge sectors of the population have been trained to hate our country and its heritage. A huge issue…

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