Goldie Wells’ Empty Christmas Gesture

A very interesting story was published on the Rhino Times website.

East Greensboro city councilwoman Goldie Wells represents a part of town that has been riddled by gun violence and murder. She is now making a special Christmas season request for peace in the streets of East Greensboro:

We’ve had so much in District 2, and I know in District 1, we’ve had violence and we’ve had people killed and we’ve had senseless drive-bys and we hear the sound of gunshots in our community, and I want to appeal to all of you, we’re going into the Christmas season and lots of things happen in the Christmas season.  Some folks are upset because they don’t have what they need or want for the season. Some get a little too much of something to drink or whatever and a lot of things happen.  But I want to appeal to you to just treat your neighbor the way you want to be treated.  Don’t use violence.  Think and remember, this is our community.  We are all here together…

But I just want to appeal to you.  It really comes down to love.  Love your fellow man.  Stop the violence.  It is getting out of hand.  Our city is getting a bad name because of it – our neighborhoods, especially my district because I think I have the most murders, homicides in District 2.  So I’m appealing to you please stop the violence try to live peaceful during this peaceful season the holidays.

She makes reference to the fact that East Greensboro has multiple nationalities, but her biggest problem is black-on-black crime.

When Goldie Wells entered the political arena nearly twenty years ago, because of her background, I was very hopeful that she could turn out to be a positive influence. But that turned out to be a false hope.

The direction of the political project in the city of Greensboro over the last two decades overall has been to undermine the work of police. When you have good, proactive policing, there is less crime, and less people get killed. But the city’s African-American leadership made a decision that the police department would be politicized. Because young African-American men in east Greensboro were having unwanted interactions with police, they threw the police under the bus. And because the two main black PAC’s here control the Greensboro City Council, this was an affirmative decision that was made, with the full understanding that dire consequences would ensue.

When I read Goldie Wells’ words, it is clear that her message is but smarmy hogwash that veils what had been done. The picture on the Rhino website shows her wearing a cross pendant. She ought to be ashamed.


4 thoughts on “Goldie Wells’ Empty Christmas Gesture

  1. TC: Ditto to what you said. Policing in Greensboro has gone downhill ever since David Wray was thrown under the bus. Yes, shame on all 9 Council members.

    1. These people are contemptible, Fred. They are all grown-ups who ought to know better. And some of them, like Goldie, claim to be Christian. She will ultimately be held accountable for her stewardship.

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