Duke University Transplant Program Disses Girl in Need

The word has gotten around. A 14 year old girl needs a kidney transplant; and Duke University’s program refused to perform the procedure because she had not taken the Covid vaccines.

I have heard the rationalization. There is a limited supply of organs; and the talking point is that they must be directed toward those patients who are going to do well.

Duke is celebrated widely as a highly-ranked academic and medical institution. But its key decision-makers– both in the medical sphere and the administrative– are terribly out of date on the Covid vaccines. They are behaving as if they know nothing about the vaccines’ shortcomings, even though this topic has been widely discussed for more than a year.

Of course, the folks at Duke have required the vaccine of students and employeesalso an egregious, extraordinarily ignorant act. Wake Forest, I seem to recall, did the same. These institutions really ought to be held accountable for their decisions.

Dr. Robert Malone has discussed how our society was subjected to messaging leading to “Mass Formation Psychosis”. The very definition of psychosis requires the existence of fixed, false beliefs— and we have seen plenty of that.

The leadership at Duke is a case example.


4 thoughts on “Duke University Transplant Program Disses Girl in Need

  1. This is wrong. Is there no sense of what needs to be done here instead of the herd mentality.

    1. Tommy, I think one of the least discussed aspects of the handling of the pandemic is how badly the state’s academic medical centers– Duke, Wake Forest, UNC especially– completely dropped the ball. They have “muffed it” over and over. And they did it willfully.

      East Carolina and Campbell are also teaching medical institutions, and have not been much better.

      Of course, all the state’s hospital systems have acted in a similar fashion.

      It would be great if there could be an organized phone campaign targeting Duke Health over this decision.

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