6 thoughts on “The Arizona Mid-Term Election

    1. There are ways to prevent this, Fred. And there are ways to challenge the results. Unfortunately, the Republicans controlling Arizona have been uninterested in fixing this mess. (Similarly, the Republicans in Michigan and Pennsylvania and Georgia also were not fully committed to fixing the messes in their respective states.) But the courts can be utilized.

    2. As you know, Fred, some commentators are asserting that ballot harvesting is now legal in some of these states. I don’t know the details of each state law. But this is clearly wrong and fraudulent. Somebody needs to fix it.

  1. TCFan, thanks for the additional information. For this election, it is critical that the GOP challenge results and fight illegal fraud where it occurred. And for future elections, the GOP needs to work to tighten election laws. Of course, when you have lost the governor’s race– as in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan– it will be very difficult to do this. And when you control the whole thing, as in Georgia and previously Arizona, the only thing that limits you is the unwillingness of GOP leaders to do the right thing.

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