Both GOP Senators from NC– Tillis and Burr– Vote to Advance Gay Marriage

The cloture vote is found here. The filibuster was overcome. The bill now advances so that the Senate can vote on passage.

Conservatives in North Carolina must never forget that Tillis did this. Burr is on the way out.

This is yet another reason the Constitution Party is superior to the Republican Party. Republican politicians routinely betray their base. It is part of the prerequisites for holding office as a Republican.

But this reveals that Tillis and Burr also are anti-Christian and anti-God. They seek to undermine the religious freedom of millions of North Carolina residents.

The North Carolina Values Coalition reports:

The Senate advanced an altered version. However, changes to the bill do not address the underlying problems of threats to marriage and religious freedom, and crafty adjustments were made to mask significant consequences. For instance, the substitute bill still allows traditional polygamous relationships where one person is married individually to multiple people.

This bill acknowledges it may possibly infringe on religious/conscience beliefs but only states that those who had their rights infringed may still invoke existing legal protections, such as the First Amendment or Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Simply put, the bill puts religious freedom in jeopardy, but the solution is to apply existing law in hopes the plaintiff is not subject to a liberal, activist judge.

Senators Tillis’ and Burr’s votes are an assault on religious freedom, because the bill puts faith-based adoption and foster care agencies, businesses, non-profits and churches all in the line of fire for litigation. Instead of standing up for the religious freedoms of North Carolinians, they chose the side of activists and political expediency. Senator Tillis actually led efforts to secure votes for this legislation, and voters will remember this during his next election.

The Family Research Council expands upon the additional problems created by this piece of legislation. And Roger Severino explains why Tillis’ amendment does not protect religious liberty.


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  1. By, the way, Fred– This bill forces North Carolina to recognize polygamous marriages if they are allowed in other jurisdictions. Perhaps that is why the Mormon church approved it. But consider this fact when you evaluate what Tillis and Burr just did.

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