Ted Budd’s First Good Deed as a Senator?

Breitbart reports that North Carolina’s Senator Ted Budd is sponsoring legislation that would end China’s “permanent normal trade relations status” with the United States. The Carolina’s were hurt severely by free trade with China; and lost some of their core industries. It is amazing to consider in retrospect how there […]

More Examples of the Culture War Being Waged Against Us in North Carolina

The protagonists are the Greensboro News and Record, a couple of North Carolina physicians and the North Carolina Medical Society itself. Let’s examine these one at a time: First, there is a puff piece on the News and Record website today highlighting Guilford Green, the local LGBT advocacy organization. And […]

Conservative Baptist Network Releases Report Detailing Liberal/ Non-Scriptural Drift

The Conservative Baptist Network has issued a comprehensive report called “The Evidences of Concerns Within the Southern Baptist Convention”. It reflects a well-intentioned effort to detail the questionable actions the denomination’s leadership has taken during recent years that suggest a leftward drift taking place. Take the time to peruse this […]

The Causes of the Great NC Christmas Blackouts: Adversarial Processes Produce Better Outcomes

On Friday, December 23, many people in the state lost power because of high winds. But on Christmas Eve– the morning of Saturday, December, 24– the state’s citizenry was subjected to rolling blackouts for the first time in history in the midst of a record demand for electricity. The weather […]