Constitution Party Announces Ballot Access Granted in North Carolina: Randall Terry To Appear On Ballot

This is significant for pro-life conservatives because Randall Terry is the only candidate in the presidential race who is 100% pro-life. Trump and the Republicans moved further away from the pro-life position over the last couple of years.

RFK Jr. and Cornel West still have not been granted ballot access in North Carolina.

Below is a press release from the Constitution Party USA that was circulated last night:

July 9, 2024

North Carolina — In a significant development, the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee, Randall Terry, has successfully secured a spot on the ballot in North Carolina for the upcoming election. Prominent candidates, Bobby Kennedy and Cornel West, are still not on the ballot in this state.

Randall Terry stated, “Our presence on the ballot ensures we can pursue our battle plan: Defend Children, Defeat the Democrat Nominee, and Destroy the Democrat Party.'”

Terry emphasized the strategic focus of his campaign, highlighting the specific demographics they aim to influence. “Our television ads target Catholic and African American voters, encouraging them to abandon the Democrat Party,” he explained.

Samples of these ads can be viewed on his campaign website, Terry/Broden TV Ads.

Script for TV ad: Catholics and African Americans –
“Stop Voting Democrat!”

    What do you call people who tell a boy he can cut off his penis…to become a girl? Or tell a girl she can cut off her breasts…to become a boy? Or give children pornographic material and birth control without telling their parents…and call it “sex education?”

    What do you call people that mock morality, commit black genocide, and cheer killing unborn babies until the day of birth? (Pause)

    You call them…the Democrat Party. And what do you call people who vote for them?

    Sadly, you call them (pause) Catholics and African Americans. Why do Catholics and Blacks vote for those who are at war with their families and faith?

    The Democrat Party – its godless agenda – is a fortress of evil that must be destroyed. Don’t betray your children and your God with your vote. Don’t vote Democrat.

    I’m Randall Terry, and I approve this message. (The ad will be full of heart wrenching images & video!)   

The above TV ad script was written by Vice Presidential Candidate, Pastor Stephen Broden.

Kevin Hayes, Vice-Chairman of the North Carolina Constitution Party, praised the decision of the state board of elections saying,. “The state board of elections did the honorable thing by voting to allow the Constitution Party on the ballot in North Carolina because our petition had more than the required number of verified signatures.

They still refused ballot access for RFK, Jr and Cornel West.

“Today’s decision was a long time coming, and I’m thankful we will be able to provide the citizens of North Carolina with the ability to vote for candidates who support life and follow the Constitution,” Kevin further stated.

For more information or to interview Mr. Terry or Pastor Broden, contact:

Jackie Jones
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2 thoughts on “Constitution Party Announces Ballot Access Granted in North Carolina: Randall Terry To Appear On Ballot

    1. It’s clear his campaign will be going after the socialists, Fred, although he will inevitably also pull some votes from Trump. Given the focus of his campaign, I think it will be more from Biden than Trump.

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