Does Biden Have Parkinson’s Disease…?

That is the question addressed by Dr. Thomas Pitts who is interviewed by NBC News. It is interesting that the corrupt media is suddenly interested in this question after having covered for Biden for four years.

Parkinson’s Disease is a discrete clinical entity– a real pathological condition. But then there is “Parkinsonism“, i.e., a Parkinson’s-like condition that is caused by certain prescription drugs or by other types of circumstances. It is possible that Biden might have either one or the other.

Pitts is a neurologist; and he seems absolutely certain that Biden is so afflicted. Check out the interview (HT: Fred):


2 thoughts on “Does Biden Have Parkinson’s Disease…?

    1. Does anyone care, Fred, whether he is able to perform the essential functions of his position? After all, it is supposed to be the most difficult job in the world. At least, that is what we were led to believe prior to 2020.

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