Supreme Court Fumble

Clay and Buck were whipped up in a frenzy today. The Supreme Court had punted the case that addressed Biden using the tech companies by proxy for censorship purposes during the Covid pandemic.

I find the decision highly suspicious. Why would it take this long to make a simple administrative determination that the plaintiffs lack standing? Why make this determination long after oral argument had been scheduled and had taken place?

It appears to me there were interpersonal, political machinations within the Supreme Court that led to this outcome. I don’t know whether Justices were pressured or intimidated by the Deep State or by the socialists.

But it is patently obvious that Chief Justice Roberts, Amy Coney Barrett and Bret Kavanaugh are all deeply disappointing. Let’s hope this case is not a turning point that solidifies on a long-term basis governmental censorship efforts. We can’t let the First Amendment die.


2 thoughts on “Supreme Court Fumble

  1. As I see this decision the SCOTUS is throwing the baby out with the bath water..
    e.g.. the FBI will be the ministry of truth. NOT GOOD !!!!

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