4 thoughts on “Can Google Swing 20 Million Votes?

  1. Search engines are massively biased against individualism, limited govt, etc. Bing is as bad as Google. They are unabashedly the tool of the ruling class, and it is a powerful tool!

    I just typed in ‘triad conservative’ into Bing search, and your site didn’t come up. The only thing on the 1st page was an article the Gboro News & Fishwrap did criticizing your site.

    1. Not surprising, Healey, for precisely the same reasons you mentioned in your first sentence. The large tech companies are a major problem for this country from a number of different standpoints. Censorship, bias, disproportionate economic power in the economy, the power to buy off legislators, left wing activism and advocacy…

      We should never have moved to an information-based economy. Big mistake.

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