4 thoughts on “FEC Rules RFK Jr. Must Be Included in June 27 CNN Debate

  1. No legitimate, serious candidate should be barred from a debate. This particular candidate, however, is the perfect “bull in a china shop” for the Dems. He’s a little to the left, a little to the right, and a whole lot of conspiracy voodoo from every direction which serves CNN’s interests perfectly. Add to this element of chaos, he takes WAY too long to annoyingly answer questions in his gravelly voice (I know he can’t help it, poor guy) which will reduce the amount of time viewers could be hearing from the other candidates who actually have a chance of winning this election, or stealing it again. Either way, the American people deserve to have to look squarely in the face of reality and compare their lives today to 2020 before the lockdowns.

    1. I agree, Jan. His entrance into the debate is a wild card because he could hurt Biden, Trump or both. Given the circumstances, I wonder if Trump and/or Biden might back out of the CNN debate and wait until the conventions are concluded. Then the corrupt media would be able to exclude RFK and the other third party candidates. (I also wonder whether Biden will be out of the race by then).

  2. No. RFK Jr. should not be on hat debate stage. I want to see Trump and Biden mano a mano. Kennedy is just an annoyance.

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