Trump Speech at Libertarian Convention

The Libertarians differ from the Constitution Party on several key points. First, their official stance is liberalism on the social/ cultural issues. Second, they are in favor of open borders and favor free trade without tariffs.

Those are big differences.

However, both parties are liberty-oriented because they share an objective to reduce the role of the federal government to its true constitutional boundaries. That is precisely why Trump spoke favorably about the 10th Amendment in his speech. It should be noted, however, that his speech in the Bronx several days ago promised help and intervention for New York that would represent blatant violations of the 10th Amendment.

The room was raucous in response to Trump’s presence and his speech because some of those within their party understand he has not always pushed for a limited federal government. Check out the speech if you desire to do so:


4 thoughts on “Trump Speech at Libertarian Convention

  1. TC: I watched the entire speech. He hit all the major issues. At points he was heckled and booed . Trump turned on the audience and mocked the Libertarian Party’s poor voting record, telling them if they didn’t vote for him, they could “keep getting your 3% every four years.” Despite that he was cheered at points, including when he condemned the U.S. taking part in “senseless wars.” Opposition to most American foreign military action has historically been a major pillar of the Libertarian Party’s viewpoint.

  2. I think Trump deserves a lot of credit for making that speech, and I thought it one of his better efforts. To the extent the DeepState allowed him to govern during his term, his actions were sometimes libertarian (compared to any Dem) but many times very much not. So I guess that is where the boos came from.

    I think most libertarians are against open borders as long as you have a welfare state. Free trade is almost always good, unless it is with a totalitarian state like China who clearly intends to hurt you. It isn’t unlibertarian to include that caviat.

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