Undoing The Damage: The Mask Bill

The Republicans in Raleigh have passed some very bad bills over the years; and one of these enacted during the height of the Covid pandemic made it legal for people to wear masks and face coverings in the state of North Carolina.

Previously, this had been illegal because masks are used to conceal one’s identity during the commission of a crime.

Making the masks legal opened the doors for coercive authorities and institutions to require the use of masks. Moreover, there was an implicit threat against individuals and organizations that did not comply. The rights of many people were ignored. Accordingly, this was a very bad bill that the Raleigh GOP had passed during 2020. Nearly all of us lived with the consequences– some more than others.

But one other reason it was a bad bill? The masks, as they were commonly used during the pandemic, were ineffective; and there was no credible scientific data to suggest that they would be effective.

The Republicans in Raleigh commendably are now trying to repeal this law allowing the masks. They are getting some resistance from the socialists. And indeed, some misguided souls continue to use masks even to this day.

The immediate motivator for this bill was the fact that the leftist pro-Palestinian protesters at UNC were using masks to conceal their identity. It is a bit ironic that some good might continue to arise from their antics.


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