4 thoughts on “Windmills On The Jersey Shore

  1. Wind turbines can kill birds and bats, and that the noise and visual disturbance can negatively affect the environment.

    The infrasound produced by wind turbines can damage your health, causing headaches, nausea, tinnitus, high blood pressure, lethargy, and a lack of sleep.

    Wind energy is only viable because of federal tax credits.

    The massive towers, topped by red blinking lights, are a blight on the landscape.

    These turbines are killing whales and dolphins.

    No question that the offshore wind farms are problematic and activity to build them should be terminated..

    Offshore wind turbines are detrimental to the environment and economy …. period.

    I think it has been demonstrated that there are substantial natural gas reserves offshore in the same areas that are being developed for the wind farms. Federal law for decades has banned offshore oil and gas leasing along the Atlantic coast — quite an irony considering that the wind farms take up vastly more area to produce a tiny fraction of the energy and will have much more negative environmental impact. So we saved the coast only to destroy it because we let Greta Thunberg and a bunch of greedy “green profiteers” make energy policy for us.

    1. I agree, Fred. This is a mess. It ruins the viewshed for people enjoying the beach. And meanwhile, it does little to produce ample reliable energy in a cost-effective manner. I used to enjoy those beaches as a young man… this is a shame.

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