2 thoughts on “America’s Last Days?

  1. Here is an excerpt from Robert Kaplan’s Wall Sreeet Journal review of Hanson’s book…” The End of Everything: How Wars Descend Into Annihilation.”

    “Though the author of this profound book doesn’t mention it, what stands out in these four accounts is the working of time. We believe that what we have built is so magnificent it must go on forever. But then it is eradicated, and the world does not come to an end. Only our own world has done so. Another is built in its place and goes on endlessly into the future, so that we become the ancients. In this context, one has to think of the fate of the U.S. and the West, and how—and if—it will come to an end: whether by internal decay or by a sudden cataclysm. Rather than saying it can’t happen to us, for the sake of our own self-defense we should always contemplate that it very well might.”

    1. It is in the process of happening, Fred. And the question Kaplan poses– whether it’s due to internal decay or cataclysm– has not yet been settled. But it could end up being both.

      Another thing that has not been settled is how quickly it will happen if internal decay is the sole culprit.

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