4 thoughts on “Christians or Aztecs?

    1. Yes, Fred. Michael Knowles does a great job. But it is so problematic that so many people are being deceived when the leftists try to tear down Western Civilization in the public schools and in other contexts.

  1. Excellent. Co-incidentally I’m reading Not Stolen by Jeff Paul-Flynn, which I recommend on this subject.

    Actually Cortes helped the other Indians being terrorized by the Aztecs subdue them. Those Indians then enjoyed centuries of autonomy within the Spanish empire.

    1. That’s a great point, Healey, that the various Indian tribes were often brutal dealing with other tribes. The whole “hate America” crowd is using this situation–like many others– with their Critical Theory approach to dismantle the nation’s foundations and get the population to feel ambivalent about the USA, at best. Those create fertile conditions for a Marxist takeover. We are already in the midst of this.

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