10 thoughts on “A Science Lesson From A Member of Congress

  1. It’s painful to think about the money that’s been wasted on education in this country when the end results are abysmal and down right embarrassing. Let’s face it – the goal is not education, rather indoctrination. The Teachers Union is a campaign finance arm of the Democratic Party and nothing more and their posters kids are Lee, Cortez, Omar, and anyone on the View among many others in DC and Hollywood.

    1. You are right, Jan. Some of the inner city schools are nearly brain dead. And the phenomenon of “social promotions” in public schools assures people who are not learning are promoted each year to the next grade.

  2. Contrast it with Congressman Steve King, whose entire career was ended (with the help of Kevin McKarthy) for supposedly telling a NY Times reporter that there were some good things about Western civilization.

    Orwell’s America.

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