Election Fraud: Look The Other Way

Barr was Trump’s attorney general:


6 thoughts on “Election Fraud: Look The Other Way

  1. Same Bill Barr in whose jail Jeffrey Epstein was successfully “suicided” with no honest investigation. He is a Swamp Creature snake, of which many were embedded in the Trump administration.

    1. Healey, you are absolutely right. At one point in time– ever so briefly– Barr demonstrated some level of insight and competence. But it was a fleeting moment. Otherwise, he was precisely as you say. And you are also right that Trump had too many of this kind of folk running things.

  2. I’m still wondering why no one has pressed Barr on why he allowed the shenaggins in Delaware while all of the under-the-table events were taking place that allowed Hunter and Joe Biden to escape public scrutiny at an earlier time, not to mention making his tax crimes past the date of prosecution.
    Possibly in time to do something about it…unless Barr’s inaction actually was doing “something.” Eh?

    1. Steve, thanks for the perceptive comment. I think all of us are coming to an awareness that many of these political/ administrative players are part of the Deep State complex that, among other things, protects certain other political leaders who advance its interests. That includes Republicans and Democrats. Whether this happens organically via shared worldview or peer influence in DC or campaign finance contributions or blackmail– or some combination of all four– is open to debate.

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