Soviet-Like Tactics

Real Clear Politics extends a Samizdat Prize for those that fight for freedom of speech. The name of the prize invokes the tyranny against free speech that took place in the former Soviet Union. I am not a fan of Dave Rubin or his ways, but the discussion is otherwise worthwhile: (HT: Fred)

Interestingly, RFK, Jr. also invokes the former Soviet Union when he criticizes the democratic socialists’ efforts to rig elections and restrict the choices available to voters:

We are headed in the wrong direction when these comparisons can be made so frequently. This is not the way it used to be. We need a correction. But when the blessings of God are removed from a nation because of its rebellion against Him, bad things begin to happen… in various ways.


2 thoughts on “Soviet-Like Tactics

  1. Yes, content was modified by the FBI et all . Thanks to Elon Musk for giving Matt Taibbi, Michael Schellenberger and Bari Weiss unfettered access to the Twiter files.
    This award is well deserved.

    RFK Jr. is spot on in his comparison of the DNC and Russia ( or the USSR ).

    1. We are at a worrisome time, Fred, when there is such a pattern developing whereby our federal government and the democratic socialists are doing everything they can to emulate the Marxist totalitarians. But this is where socialism inevitably leads…

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