Two Illustrative Local Stories

There were two stories that appeared over the last couple of days that illustrate the depravity of our local institutions and particularly our local political culture.

First, a Guilford County District Court Judge– Angela Foster– was suspended because her son was charged with a crime, and she reportedly attempted to use her position to reduce his required bond. Judge Foster is a black female.

Second, the Guilford County Schools system is having to pay a settlement of $3 million because a “gentleman” who worked as a teacher assistant and coach at Dudley High School sexually abused students. This person who committed these deeds is a black male. But it is ultimately taxpayers’ money that is paying that settlement– not the school system, and not the former employee.

When voters elect judges, particularly for local judgeships, we have little information upon which to draw. But the rule of thumb is that nearly all of the local judges are democratic socialists because there are relatively few Republican lawyers, and the socialists have a huge party registration advantage in Guilford County. That means we are drawing from a pool that is highly contaminated.

We are told that public schools are wonderful, and that we must support them. Our local school system is run by an extreme left-wing Board of Education. But then we learn that we are paying for sexual abuse at Dudley, and probably elsewhere.

How do we check out of this corrupt system?


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