Seizure of Trump’s Assets

Kevin O’Leary likens what the state of New York is doing to Cuba or Venezuela. He is absolutely right. The brazen totalitarianism we are witnessing absolutely needs to be reversed

At the very least, a few of Trump’s constitutional rights were violated. He was subjected to an unconstitutional taking of his property. He was denied due process and a jury of his peers. He also was charged unreasonable fines and/or bail. It seems he ought to be able to seek relief at the US Supreme Court:


2 thoughts on “Seizure of Trump’s Assets

  1. Maybe, just maybe, if James goes after Trumps properties it will gain him even greater approval, Just guessing.

    1. That has been the pattern, Fred. It would be almost unimaginable for her to be able to seize his properties under these circumstances, but then again, New York’s political culture is profoundly corrupt. And the judiciary there is apparently an integral part of the political culture.

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