Further Proof That US Actions Spurred War in Ukraine

Inexplicably, the New York Times published a report a couple of days ago that details how our CIA established 12 bases in Ukraine. This happened after Obama toppled the pro-Russian government in Ukraine ten years ago.

These CIA bases were have been used to spy and to launch strikes against the Russians. The confirmed existence of these bases validates some of the allegations that Putin made in his interview with Tucker Carlson a couple of weeks ago.

The sad reality is that our own government precipitated the war in Ukraine.

Why did the NY Times publish this report that confirms what Putin had alleged after the entire media/left complex had jumped aboard the war bandwagon? Perhaps it is a tacit acknowledgement that Ukraine is in the process of losing this war.


4 thoughts on “Further Proof That US Actions Spurred War in Ukraine

  1. The US ruling class fomenting this war with Russia, driving Russia into the arms of China…It’s almost as if Biden has been paid many millions of $s by the CCP. Well, wait, he has.

    The US Neocon cabal has rendered Russia an enemy when there are many reasons Russia and the US should and could be friends.

    1. I agree completely, Healey, except I think the Neoliberal cabal has been a huge part of this also– indeed, the part that made this all happen.

      We are witnessing intentional errors of massive proportions. Now, the individual European nations are pledging to get involved with mutual military assistance in Ukraine, and pushing agreements along these lines. If and when these European nations are attacked by Russia, we are treaty-bound to defend them even though those nations are also playing with fire.

  2. I’ll worry about Ukraine and Russia just as soon as our own government secures our own borders.

    Too strong?

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