2 thoughts on “John McArthur on The Gospel Coalition: “Christianity Astray”

  1. Was Martin Luther King a Christian ?

    Despite the common belief that he was a christian, his own quotes imply that he wasn’t born again and saved. I will post his quotes here. If anybody disagrees with my argument or thinks I’m taking his quotes out of context, please explain why.

    From King’s “A View of the Cross Possessing Biblical and Spiritual Justification”:
    “Any doctrine which finds the meaning of atonement in the triumph of Christ over such cosmic powers as sin, death and Satan is inadequate…. If Christ by his life and death paid the full penalty of sin, there is no valid ground for repentance or moral obedience as a condition of forgiveness. The debt is paid; the penalty exacted, and there is, consequently, nothing to forgive.”

    King’s “The Influence of Mystery Religions on Christianity”:

    “The staggering question that now arises is, what will be the next stage of man’s religious progress? Is Christianity the crowning achievement in the development of religious thought or will there be another religion more advanced?”

    From King’s paper “The Humanity and Divinity of Jesus”:

    To say that the Christ, whose example of living we are bid to follow, is divine in an ontological sense is actually harmful and detrimental. So that the orthodox view of the divinity of Christ is in my mind quite readily denied. The significance of the divinity of Christ lies in the fact that his achievement is prophetic and promissory for every other true son of man who is willing to submit his will to the will and spirit of God. Christ was to be only the prototype of one among many brothers. The appearance of such a person, more divine and more human than any other, and in closest unity at once with God and man, is the most significant and hopeful event in human history. This divine quality or this unity with God was not something thrust upon Jesus from above, but it was a definite achievement through the process of moral struggle and self-abnegation.”


    1. Wow, I had not seen those quotes, Fred. He was just another religious left figure who strains (in vain) to retain some semblance of Christianity. McArthur was right; and his point casts more doubt on some folks who are described as evangelical and therefore presumed to be on solid ground theologically, but who turn out to be precisely the opposite. More religious left, just like King.

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