When Will City Employees and Greensboro Citizens Learn The Truth About City Manager Incident?

The disinformation from the city of Greensboro continued when a news release attempted to reassure us about the investigation into the violence at the home of Greensboro’s city manager. They told us that the city manager did not request any deviation from usual procedures.

That is little reassurance, however. After all, his subordinates would know intuitively that the situation must be handled differently than usual. And it was.

First, the police chief was called by the city manager when the episode took place. Second, an online report that usually is posted by the police department never was published. And third, the city has been extremely sluggish and reluctant to respond to public records requests. There were other aspects of this situation also that suggest the case was not handled in the usual fashion.

So there was disparate treatment on behalf of the city manager. It didn’t have to be requested. John Hammer satirizes the situation.

Even Allen Johnson at the News and Record published a column pointing this out.

A judge is now deciding whether the police body camera footage will be released to the public. The City Council had already reviewed the footage and attempted to minimize the situation.

The bottom line? The city of Greensboro and the City Council are protecting their diversity hire. Murders in the city have exploded under his watch. Taxes and fees have skyrocketed. Other Marxist plans are being implemented. This is all due to our corrupt machine politics.

We can do a lot better than this.


10 thoughts on “When Will City Employees and Greensboro Citizens Learn The Truth About City Manager Incident?

  1. From the Greensboro PD code of ethics:


    “I will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities, or friendships to influence my decisions…I will enforce the law courteously and appropriately without fear or favor…”

    At issue here: “…without…favor…”

    Chief Thompson disenfranchised every domestic abuser in Greensboro who hasn’t gotten the benefit of the same favoritism/preferential treatment received by the City Manager.
    Thompson should resign in disgrace for violating his own code of ethics.

    1. Great points, JayCee. As a general rule, parents are on shaky ground when they physically strike their adult kids, and the parent “throws the first punch”. I don’t know what happened in this case, but there are some real questions. As you point out, this is unfair to those who have been arrested and/or prosecuted for domestic violence, because somebody is getting away with it…

  2. Someone needs to ask this question:

    How many times has area law enforcement responded to the City Manager’s home or any other location where an incident involved the City Manager?

  3. Well, I was speaking specifically of Jaiyeoba.
    Was this an isolated incident, or does he have a history of this type of behavior with his family or others? Has he received preferential treatment in other instances before this? When? Where? How many times?

  4. Exactly my point; the public has not been made aware one way or the other.
    They tried to cover up this one and failed.
    Are there other incidents they’ve hidden from us?

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