“Carbon Capture”

The people behind this kind of activity are a special kind of crazy.

But Joshua Phillips, who is an excellent journalist, explains how this type of facility is made profitable through financial gimmickry. It is all smoke and mirrors.

Be mindful that ranchers’ and farmers’ lands out west are being taken away to allow for these types of activities.

Start at the 1:00 minute mark:


4 thoughts on ““Carbon Capture”

  1. Shamanism, pure and simple—scaremongering to move things of value from the pockets of the uninformed into the pockets of the shaman.

    Shaman, thousands of years ago: “Give me a pig and two chickens or else the growing season will disappear.”
    Shaman today: “Buy carbon credits or else the earth will disappear.”

  2. This ginormous carbon capture thinge is similar in truth the same stupid principal as an electric vehicle. It is a environmental ponzi scheme . Yes people like Bill Gates and Al Gore are getting rich with schemes like this.

    The climate hysteric, former vice-president Al Gore, has announced his newest money-making scheme fueled by climate change alarmism. Gore is a co-founder of Generation Investment Management — a $36 billion investment firm. The company’s new $1.7 billion Sustainable Solutions Fund IV will focus investments on companies “that contribute to lower emissions, increased financial inclusion and more accessible healthcare,” according to Bloomberg.

    Gore is already reportedly worth over $300 million largely due to his climate change advocacy and his embrace of the alarmist position on global warming. His 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth is responsible for misleading an entire generation of schoolchildren on the science of climate change, which Gore claims is a “planetary crisis” requiring a “planetary solution.”

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