Is Mayor Vaughan Covering Up the City Manager Incident?

The saga continues with respect to the incident at the city manager’s home. Readers will recall that the city manager’s adult daughter(s) had injured him at home. A call had been placed to 911 alleging that he had been hitting her (or them).

We now learn that body cam video from the police officers responding to the incident will be shared with the City Council.

But Mayor Vaughan had issued a statement that there was “no need to rush to judgment” on the matter. The real message? The city’s political leadership doesn’t want to deal with this or inform the public as to what happened.

In my experience, “it takes two to tango”. For a physical conflict to take place, there are usually at least two participants. It is much less common for someone to strike someone else unprovoked. If the daughter injured him, what was the provocation? Something obviously happened. Given the importance of his position, the public needs to know how this happened because a crime took place.

John Hammer at the Rhino Times rightfully calls her out on this matter. An attorney for the police union has been pursuing this matter and making public records requests.


2 thoughts on “Is Mayor Vaughan Covering Up the City Manager Incident?

  1. Just guessing but here appears to be a crime here.

    Assault on a Female charges in North Carolina are set forth in the NC Criminal Laws 14-33(c)(2). It is a misdemeanor criminal charge subject to sentencing as a Class A1 offense.

    The State, through the office of the District Attorney, bears the burden of proof for all criminal charges. The Assistant District Attorney or “ADA” must prove the following essential elements Beyond a Reasonable Doubt:

    1.)That the defendant assaulted the alleged victim
    2.)That the defendant acted with intent (not accidental)
    3.)There was no lawful excuse or defense for the assault
    4.)The alleged victim is a female
    5.)The defendant is a male
    6.)The defendant is 18 years old or older at the time of the offense

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