When Fiction Mimics Reality

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From the author of the bestselling Kelly Turnbull People’s Republic series of action novels comes his latest thriller, THE ATTACK. Set in the very near future and ripped from today’s headlines, THE ATTACK is a terrifying novel that describes in frightening detail exactly how America’s enemies could launch a massive terrorist assault here at home. From the White House to the Middle East, from the blood-stained streets of America’s suburbs to the cockpit of a B-2 bomber that will initiate the first blow in America’s merciless vengeance, THE ATTACK blends vivid realism with stirring action.
With input from key military and counterterrorism experts, THE ATTACK tells the story of a cunning, implacable, and brutal enemy taking advantage of a confused and weak president to launch an assault that dwarfs Hamas’s strike on Israel. With a wide-open border and American law enforcement focused on churchgoers and parents attending schoolboard meetings, the jihadist enemy can pick the time and place for its deadly attack. The only things standing in its way are the courage of America’s brave first responders and military, as well as regular citizens who are caught up in the bloodshed and are forced to fight back.


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  1. If God forbid this attack does come , that is why our Second Amendment rights are so vital.

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