Foreign-Owned Land in North Carolina: 3.5%

A good report at Carolina Journal demonstrates that 3.5% of the land in the state of North Carolina is owned by foreign governments or entities. Various parties have expressed concern that China is buying up US agricultural land.

This is a matter that demands the attention of our General Assembly. They need to make it illegal.

But that is only the beginning. We also need to assure that American oligarchs are not buying up land and using it for nefarious purposes. Think Bill Gates. That is another conversation entirely; and would require thoughtful planning to arrive at the best solution.


2 thoughts on “Foreign-Owned Land in North Carolina: 3.5%

  1. This is so wrong ! The same thing has been going on out west.

    America is seeing more and more of its most fertile land snapped up by China and other foreign buyers, yet problems with how the U.S. tracks such data means it’s difficult to know just how much.

    Foreign ownership and investment in U.S. farmland, pastures and forests jumped to about 40 million acres in 2021, up 40% from 2016, according to Department of Agriculture data.

    Congress should prohibit this practice.

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