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Nathanael Kapner was interviewed by Alex Jones yesterday. He is Jewish and converted to eastern orthodox Christianity. He has somewhat of a mercurial style of speech that seems to reveal his temperament. But he explores the forbidden topics of disproportionate Jewish influence and worldview; and I think his main points are overall valid. This can be very instructive for those who have not studied these issues. I found the interview fascinating; and I suggest starting at the 5:00 mark and skipping the interludes if you want to watch it.:


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  1. I don’t know if his main points and criticizems are valid or not. Maybe they are but honestly he comes across are a clownish weird street preacher. Alex, on several occasions unsuccessfully tried to pin him down. At times he seemed to bable.

    As always I like to research someone I never heard of. Here is some of what I found:

    “Milton Kapner, aka Brother Nathaniel is not who he says he is. About five years ago Mr. Kapner was removed from yet another Monastery. The police were called and Mr. Kapner was arrested. The Monastery is in Buena Vista, Colorado. It is an Eastern Orthodox Christian Monastery.

    “Mr. Kapner entered the Monastery with the hope of becoming a monk, but that never happened. He was a novice, but did not have the disapline to become monk. Mr. Kapner was asked to leave, but he would not. The police were called and they asked Mr. Kapner to leave, but he refused. He was then arrested.

    Months later Mr. Kapner showed up on the street preaching the Lord to all who would listen. He dressed as a monk and claimed he was a monk of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

    For a time I was connected to this Monastery. I am a Priest with a small parish in Southern California. My Archbishop resided at the Buena Vista Monastery.

    Through My Archbishop, I met Milton Kapner. Mr. Kapner and myself became friends. When Mr. Kapner was asked to leave the Monastery, our relationship ended also.

    During the time Mr. kapner and myself were friends, he revealed to me that he was mentally ill. That he had OCD and Bi-Polar Disorder. He told me he was supposed to take medication to control his illness, but he told me he didn’t always take the medication. Mr. Kapner told me he collected Social Security Disability for his illness. He also told me he had been hospitalized [mental hospital] many times. He told me he had destroyed all relationships with his family and friends.

    I did not know Mr. Kapner for very long. About a year, but in that time I found him to be very dangerous. He was angry all of the time and often threatened to hurt people.”


    “Though I have never posted anything specifically on Brother Nathaniel on this website, I have received dozens of emails over the past few years asking about him. I informed people of what I knew about him from those who personally have known him, all of which were very disturbing things.

    Among the things I was informed about and have now been documented online in various sources, is that he is a man with mental problems (pleasant on his medication though very unpleasant when not) who has caused enough disturbances in a few monasteries in America so that he was kicked out of all of them, at least once by police. He is not and never was a monk. He was a novice in an Old Calendarist monastery in Colorado, but was kicked out of there too. He claims to be a legitimate monk from a legitimate Orthodox monastery, but this is not true. He is in fact a showman who likes to be the center of attention with a persecution complex, though he is well off financially after being successful in business. He is fixated on his Jewish heritage, a sort of love/hate relationship, and obsessed with conspiracy theories. He also wears a white skuphos which is only reserved for Metropolitans in the Slavic churches, and a pectoral cross which is forbidden to novices.

    In light of these things and his dozens of disturbing videos online, which many Orthodox devour to their own demise, the following official statement by the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia is most welcome. May it help lead him and his admirers to repentance.

    The Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia has recently received repeated complaints about the activities of and statements made by a certain Nathanael (Kapner), who lives on the territory of the Western American Diocese, but has no relation to it.

    The clergymen and laity of the Russian Church Abroad are hereby informed that the actions of Nathanael (Kapner) do not have the blessing of the Synod of Bishops.

    Profoundly saddened by the state of his soul, we call upon Nathanael (Kapner) to refrain from posting on the Internet, to a life of repentance of peace in Christ, “where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all” (Colossians 3:11).

    Archbishop of Western America and San Francisco ”

    All this could be unfair but is what I found.

    1. I had seen this information also, Fred. I don’t doubt the veracity.

      He was obviously not speaking about every Jewish person in the video. In spite of the background you posted, I still believe the overall information he shared, much of which is objectively and verifiably correct.

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