The Truth of January 6

The below film is the best video representation I have seen of the events of January 6, 2001 when protestors converged on Washington, DC to try to do something about a stolen election.

There is much that is disturbing in the video; but most of it has to do with what happened to the demonstrators.

The most striking scene occurs when the Capitol police officers were speaking among themselves, and were expressing the belief they had been set up because their leadership had not arranged for a sufficiently large law enforcement presence to control the crowds. The second most striking piece of information is the presence of the US Attorney for Washington, DC among the protestors at the front where security lines were being breached.

The events of January 6 are not even remotely what had been shared with the public.

The documentary runs a shade more than one hour if you are interested (HT: Fred):

10 thoughts on “The Truth of January 6

  1. TC: I rely on the little people to tell the truth. Some of the off the cuff remarks by the cops on duty – both the Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police who later responded – are very telling and I learned as much from them as from that bogus J6 hearing that Liz Chaney and her band of democrat liars held. The cops should be called to testify to explain what they meant by “being set up” and where were the command officers to order the troops on the front line to repel the rioters? Also, whose brainy idea was it to use tear gas when the cops had no gas masks and the wind was blowing against them – not to mention how easy it is for rioters to simply pick up the tear gas canister and thrown it back at the cops. That created a three-ring circus that all but made it impossible for the cops to do very much to halt the riot. This was in no way an insurrection as no one was looking to overthrow the government but, instead, redressing their grievances. It was peaceful until the actions of the cops caused the people to riot. Well-trained command officers would have realized instantly that the cops were outnumbered and ill equipped to handle a mob of this size. Their futile attempts to use the puny weapons they had only aggravated the people and caused them to riot.  This video cannot be the end of the story but only the beginning of the search for answers to these many questions about why the cops were misused in this way or to use their words, “set up”? This was a keystone kops caper from start to finish and someone needs to answer for why. By the way, I think the chief of the Capitol Police quit and ran off somewhere after this fiasco. I wonder why. I think I know.

  2. Fred, it is pretty clear they were set up to FAIL. And by default, the demonstrators were also set up.

    Who did this? At the very least, the head of the Capitol Police and Pelosi who refused outside assistance from the military when it was offered. But there were doubtless other machinations because the DOJ and the FBI were obviously involved at some level. I suspect the Senate leadership was involved also– and remember, the Republicans were in control of the Senate at that time.

    I will never forget the well orchestrated speeches on the Senate floor later that day in the aftermath.

    What do you think the US Attorney was doing with the demonstrators at the barriers, Fred?

    1. “the Republicans were in control of the Senate at that time”

      Yes, the CCP turtle, McConnell. (His family fortune is largely in the control of the CCP.) He was in on it as a crypto-member of the Uniparty. In the 2022 election, he undermined numerous good conservative candidates, specifically with his control of Republican Senatorial fund.

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