57 School Employee Arrests Statewide For Sexual Offenses

A.P. Dillon reports that there were 57 arrests with a sexual component this year through December 17 involving a school employee and a student or minor. The overwhelming majority of these were public school system employees.

The data are not broken down by gender, but these public school employees who were arrested will include significant numbers of women. Whereas woman once could be relied upon to apply the brakes before such interactions could take place, they now pursue it. But whether the perpetrator is a man or woman, the kind of restraint that would prevent such offenses no longer is present.

That restraint used to be a Christian-informed worldview with a well-formed conscience and a defined understanding of right vs. wrong.

Many people working in the school systems do not even remotely possess those things.


2 thoughts on “57 School Employee Arrests Statewide For Sexual Offenses

  1. From what I see watching the news and the internet I agree that far far more women teaches are arrested for having a sexual relationship with one of their students.

    We all recall Mary Kay Letourneau’s infamous affair with her 13 year old student Vili Fualaau. They were not the first and sadly there will be more.

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