What Happens When Your Vehicle Has A “Kill Switch”

The federal government is mandating that new cars as of 2026 have a “kill switch” that enables the car to be turned off if the driver is impaired.

A good discussion by Congressman Massie raises the question of false positives. What happens if your car is turned off on a busy interstate and you are not truly impaired? Can we trust the federal government to evaluate and assess this technology?

Congress is at fault as much as the administrative state. Both Republicans and democratic socialists support the “kill switch”. Citizens will soon learn this capability is being used for reasons other than impairment of the driver due to alcohol. Look at what the Deep State has perpetrated in other contexts.


2 thoughts on “What Happens When Your Vehicle Has A “Kill Switch”

  1. Bad idea. Too much big brother.How about a breathalyzer that the driver must pass before the vehicle will start .

    1. Probably a better option, although I know the typical breath alcohol tests can have false positives also. Various procedures have to be followed to assure folks don’t have false positives due to mouthwash and the like.

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