We Are The Problem

Most of us recall from our high school biology that humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. But carbon is a huge problem according to the enlightened classes. They are now discussing how problematic it is that we are exhaling carbon dioxide. Think about all those billions of humans exhaling and thereby polluting.

This is, of course, where green activism inevitably leads.

I can’t wait to hear what their remedies might be to deal with all the carbon we are exhaling (HT: TS).


4 thoughts on “We Are The Problem

  1. I’ll repeat my comment from the December 4 post:

    It is true that carbon dioxide, CO2, has increased by 30% over the last 200 years. However, all that means is that in 200 years we have moved from a CO2 concentration of 0.03% to a CO2 concentration of 0.038%. That’s what all the fuss is about! That’s why we should close the factories, that’s why we should ban cars, that’s why we should stop using patio heaters, because of a 0.008% change in the earth’s atmosphere over 200 years. This is also why some very foolish Christians are running campaigns called ‘What Would Jesus Drive’. Such a thing is a great insult to our Lord and Saviour.

    Trees and plants need great quantities of carbon dioxide, which they get from the air moving around them. Humans and animals, however, can’t use it. We have to have oxygen every moment to stay alive. The Creator has designed a wonderful arrangement to maintain this balance. Every breath you breathe draws both oxygen and carbon dioxide into your lungs. The lungs give the blood its oxygen supply and also remove carbon dioxide from the blood. The carbon dioxide is discarded when you exhale.

    But that’s only part of the story. By a process called photosynthesis, plants and trees use the carbon dioxide out of the air and release oxygen back into it. Thus, vegetation uses the part which people cannot use and releases the oxygen so necessary to people.

    Isn’t that an amazing design!

      1. When there is such a dark agenda, Tommy, it is unfortunate that more people do not know about it. I get the sense that it is only a minority portion of the folks who ordinarily vote Republican and independent who are aware of what they are trying to do.

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