GOP Establishment Nikki Haley

Is this part of her Sikh worldview?


4 thoughts on “GOP Establishment Nikki Haley

  1. Niki Halley is a loser . Her donors lost money on a RINO. Better luck next go round but I don’t ever think so

      1. I agree with you both that these 2 Neocons, who never see a war in the Eastern Hemisphere (to wit, the one we don’t live in) that they don’t want to spend taxpayer money to fund, are the 2 worst possible Republicans to be the nominee.

        1. I am not sure who the other neocon is that you are referring to, but I agree, Nikki Haley is atrocious. I can’t imagine how she got elected to be governor of South Carolina. Yes, I know the GOP establishment tends to control the state parties, even in the South, but even then…

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