Interesting Candidacy for NC Congressional Seat

Carolina Journal:

There are also first-time candidates like Kenny Xu, a Republican running for the NC-13 district seat currently held by Democrat Congressman Wiley Nickel, who has not announced whether or not he will seek re-election.

“I helped to lead the affirmative action cases against Harvard and UNC’s admissions,” he told Carolina Journal. “I started a nonprofit here in Raleigh called Color Us United that has fought divisive DEI programs in the Salvation Army and American Express. The Salvation Army was propagating CRT. They were asking their members to repent for racism. We organized a petition of over 18,000 donors to say stop, and they did in December 2021.

Xu said he is the candidate with the best proven record in NC-13 and has a national platform and name recognition to fight for a better education and immigration system. The Republican primary for NC-13 is expected to be a long list as Nickel is considered one of the most vulnerable members of the U.S. House.

Addendum: Here is an interview with the young man from a couple of months ago:


2 thoughts on “Interesting Candidacy for NC Congressional Seat

  1. Nickle is a carpetbagger who narrowly beat the Republican Bo Hines in 2022.

    2024 would be a good time to flip this seat an Xu may be the right guy to do it.

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