2 thoughts on “When Open Borders Produce Socialist Voters

  1. Hey, look at what they are doing in Pennsylvania.



    In Pennsylvania, people who receive new or updated driver’s licenses and state ID cards will be automatically registered to vote unless they specifically choose not to.

    Illegal immigrants in the state are currently not allowed to secure a driver’s license, however, the Pennsylvania Democrats are attempting to change this in a memo titled “Helping Undocumented Residents Secure a Driver’s License,” as part of House Bill 279.

    Should illegal immigrants ultimately receive this privilege, they would be automatically registered to vote in accordance with Shapiro’s stated rules on the policy.

    Shapiro has “vowed to use the governorship to prevent a future stolen election,” according to the outlet.

    The Washington Post argued that automatic registration could serve to “make the voter rolls more accurate and make the system of enrollment and registration more efficient and user-friendly,” thus making “voters less susceptible” to the “demagoguery” of those who believe that current election systems are “cumbersome and prone to human error and hacking.”

    Sean Morales-Doyle, who directs the openly leftist Brennan Center’s Voting Rights Program, told the outlet that “The answer to people undermining faith in our democracy is to give people a democracy that works.”

    He additionally claimed that automatic voter registration proves that “the people who are attacking our democracy are wrong” and that “the people who are running our elections are trustworthy.”

    At the piece’s conclusion, it seemingly lauded Minnesota’s recent election reforms, which included expanded early voting, same-day registration and no-excuse absentee voting.

    These reforms, according to the author, “are all designed to make election systems more functional and inclusive.”

    “From now on, when you get or renew your driver’s license or an ID card at the DMV, you’ll be registered to vote unless you choose not to,” Shapiro reportedly said.

    This news comes just after Joe Biden on Monday proclaimed that Tuesday, Sept. 19, is National Voter Registration Day.

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