Battle of Lepanto

This was an enormously consequential event centuries ago when the Christians defeated the Muslims.

It is interesting that Hamas’ attack on Israel last Saturday took place on the anniversary date of the Battle of Lepanto. Check this out if you are unfamiliar with this story from nearly 500 years ago:


2 thoughts on “Battle of Lepanto

  1. I was vaguely familiar with this battle. I had been to the Alhambra in Spain and was also aware that the Moors had been driven from Iberia in 1492.

    Thanks for sharing.

    More than a military victory, Lepanto was a moral one. For decades, the Ottoman Turks had terrified Europe, and the victories of Suleiman the Magnificent caused Christian Europe serious concern. The defeat at Lepanto further exemplified the rapid deterioration of Ottoman might under Selim II, and Christians rejoiced at this setback for the Ottomans. The mystique of Ottoman power was tarnished significantly by this battle, and Christian Europe was heartened.

    Lets hope Hamas is also given a royal ass kicking in Gaza.

  2. Interestingly, Fred, the fellow JD Greear had been conversing with at NC State– advocating for the right of radical Islam to spread- also called himself Suleiman. You might recall that post from a couple of days ago.

    Yes, the Ottomans were in the process of gobbling up pieces of Europe, arousing great concern. So this was a major victory for Europe– a civilizational victory. I found it fascinating that, immediately after 9/11, some people in Italy were talking about the Battle of Lepanto even though we were mostly unfamiliar with it.

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