Death Threats Against A Guilford County Commissioner

James Upchurch is the county commissioner who switched from democratic socialist to Republican during the relatively recent past. He has now announced his resignation to take a job out-of-state.

A Rhino article this week disclosed that Upchurch had received death threats because he changed parties.

But wait a minute. I thought the socialists were supposed to be loving, caring and compassionate people.

Is anyone surprised that he received death threats? I am not. People do not understand the intensity and the ruthlessness associated with their drive toward Godless socialism.


2 thoughts on “Death Threats Against A Guilford County Commissioner

  1. This comes as no surprise .

    Tricia Cotham has received death threats, threats of physical violence, and verbal abuse since announcing her departure from the Democratic Party.

    That switch gave the GOP a veto proof majority in the house.

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