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  1. Good message though I am not a fan of Rap.

    by RC
    Intro (Chris Sky)
    This is a violation of our Charter rights Section 6, and a violation of the Emergency Act 14.1

    I’m gonna refuse their stupid test… and tell everybody to refuse their stupid test.

    Say no to the test, Say No to the quarantine

    Just Say No!

    So I’m gonna be declining your test today, but thank you very much

    You are a citizen, you have rights!

    Verse 1
    I went to see the doctor with a touch of the flu

    And I’m kinda skeptical of what he told me to do

    He said that I should lock myself inside my room for a year

    Shut my non-essential business down and cower in fear

    I said doc, I don’t know

    That seems so out of line

    give it 3, maybe 4 days I bet I’ll be fine

    He said no, You must not, you must wait for the shot Everybody’s gotta get it or society stops

    I said doc, I don’t know, is that all really true? These shots are brand new, they ain’t fully approved

    He said no, You can trust us, it’s the latest in science, never mind the people dying just give up your compliance

    I said doc, you must have me mistaken with someone pliable

    I can’t trust you if none of these companies are liable

    So I’m gon’ stay the course like a one way road

    Take your vaccine and shove it I’mma just say no

    Just Say No x8

    Just Say What?

    Just Say… Just Say No!

    Just Say No

    To the war being waged On our minds and our bodies And our souls

    They ain’t looking out for you

    It’s a scam And it’s all about control

    So doin’ what they say Won’t make it go away, oh no

    But they don’t know

    The lengths I’ll go

    Through rain and snow

    I ain’t gon’ fold!

    VERSE 2
    So I left the doctors office and stepped onto the street

    Feeling troubled by the lies and campaign of deceit

    But I’m not easily defeated I’m not one to retreat

    I tried to make a post about it

    They deleted the tweet

    Undeterred… I stood on the corner holding a sign

    The cops showed up I got arrested and fined…

    They told me that my words are considered a crime

    Next they’ll be coming for the thoughts in your mind

    I knew they were wrong

    I took my ticket and left

    They’re tryna make it difficult for those of us who resist

    And with every headline the propaganda continues

    Now they say I’m gonna need a shot to step in a venue

    All according to script

    Going exactly as planned

    Next they’re gonna wanna put a microchip in our hand

    They say “conspiracy theory”

    And that’s all that they do

    But it isn’t just a theory

    If it keeps coming true

    VERSE 3
    So this is where we’re at now

    The final boss battle

    I’m not about to back down

    I’m hopping in the saddle

    I’m coming at it from a different angle like a southpaw

    The system is corrupt, so it’s good to be an outlaw

    I’m rallying the troops

    I’m looking for the lions

    Who know that we will never get more freedom with compliance

    If the passports happen we won’t get away with just one

    They’re gonna make us take a new shot

    Every six months

    It’s only getting worse every time that we comply more

    They take away the rights

    That our grandparents died for

    Time to defy, and let the vibes rise more

    Make a better world for our kids what we strive for

    And that means getting rid of all restrictions and masks,

    saying no to passports and resisting the jab,

    it’s time to kick some dust up like an unpaved road,

    so join me and Chris Sky and Just Say No

    OUTRO (Chris Sky)
    Just Say No! Just Say No! Just Say No!

    Are you hearing us yet? Are you hearing us?

    The answer is NO to your vaccine.

    The answer is NO to your agenda.

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