A Discussion That Needs To Take Place

Rep. Jeff Zenger from Forsyth County floated a trial balloon in the North Carolina General Assembly this week. He raised the question as to whether college students temporarily residing in a jurisdiction while away at college ought to be able to vote in that jurisdiction.

This has been a problem for many years. College students shift local and regional elections leftward when present in large numbers. We certainly experience this problem in Greensboro with two major state universities.

Of course, there were immediate squeals that it would not be permissible– indeed, it would be impossible— to change this status quo.

Zenger is correct to raise this issue. And I appreciated the input of Hugh Blackwell who discussed a certain court decision and told the naysayers they might be interpreting the situation incorrectly.


4 thoughts on “A Discussion That Needs To Take Place

  1. I gave a ride home to Maryland to a kid at the local university in 2008. The kid proudly informed me that it was his goal to turn NC blue for Obama. He of course succeeded in his small part. He was a temporary resident. He didn’t even finish his education here, and never had any serious intention to permanently reside here. His vote was illegal. He was perfectly capable of voting absentee at his residence. This is why Democrats make sure voting is very easy for college students.

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