Summerfield De-Annexation to Happen?

Phil Berger delivered a clear signal to the Summerfield Town Council that he would seek to advance legislation allowing David Couch to develop his property for multifamily housing. The Rhino Times reported this information earlier today. Berger says this is the best action for the state of North Carolina; but paradoxically he does not seek to eliminate local zoning rules statewide– just for this particular piece of property in Summerfield.

This is very sad news for the people who live there. Many of them made significant investments to live in Summerfield; and had to sacrifice to do so. They knew the ground rules. But now the rug is being pulled out from beneath them.

We must remain mindful that developers tend to be heavy political donors.

I don’t know whether Berger will try to include this in the budget currently being discussed. That budget also includes Medicaid expansion and major increases in state spending. Tim Moore in the House has communicated that the casinos for Rockingham County and elsewhere in the state cannot pass; but Berger has been pushing for these also.

The budget is currently stalled. Perhaps the best thing would be for our state legislators to refrain from passing a budget this year, adjourn and then regroup next year.


2 thoughts on “Summerfield De-Annexation to Happen?

    1. There is much that is bad in this budget. There is also one of the medical freedom bills for which we had advocated nestled within, and I am unaware of anything else of major interest to conservatives. I don’t know whether Berger will try to put the de-annexation of that part of Summerfield in the budget, but if not, it will have to wait for next year anyway. I think it may be too late in the session to introduce and pass stand-alone bills.

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