Tucker Carlson Interviews Orban

There are very few truly conservative heads of state in the world today. It turns out that Viktor Orban of Hungary is the greatest conservative national leader worldwide; and perhaps one of the best in recent history.

Hungary is a nation of 10 million people; and it therefore comparable to the state of North Carolina in population. It is a relatively small country, but it is overwhelmingly Christian. Catholics are the largest group; but the nation also has reform Calvinists and Lutherans, and a smattering of other denominations.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Orban recently. He asked why many Western leaders hate Hungary even though it is a part of NATO. Orban responded that it is because Hungary has a Western Christian civilization. He explained that liberals in the United States and Europe seek hegemony over other countries and oppose freedom.

He also has some interesting observations about Russia and Ukraine.

I understand Carlson is trying to interview Putin also. That should be interesting if it takes place.

Here is the interview. It is well worth watching:


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  1. Orban has also been great in closing his border to rift raft from third world countries.

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