Admission of Obamacare’s Failure

The New York Times is breathlessly reporting that Joe Biden is pitching a response to healthcare costs as his re-election campaign gets underway.

This is pretty interesting. Let’s recall that Obamacare was billed as a major advance to limit health care costs for the American people. Remember that it was billed as the “Affordable Care Act”. Now we are told that we must contain healthcare costs in spite of the fact that Obamacare– a massive bill– had been passed and signed into law.

Let’s recall further that, when Obama signed it into law, his Vice President– Joe Biden– shamelessly exclaimed that it was a “big F—ing deal”.

But now he presents himself as the savior promising to cut health care costs. Nobody seems to understand that his assertion of a need to resolve the problem of healthcare costs is an overt admission that Obamacare failed.

God, please spare us from these evil, incompetent forces. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Admission of Obamacare’s Failure

  1. There is so much to unpack on Obamacare. Simply it is a failure when measured against its patently phony nosrtums.

    It has failed to live up to its promises to reduce health care costs, increase access, and improve health care quality. With its dramatic premium increases, decreased access, and reduced choice in insurer markets, Obamacare has done the exact opposite.

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