NC Casino Dividends: Cherokee Wealth

About a month ago, I spoke with a woman who spent her career in the banking industry. She told me of a couple of former Native American customers who regularly deposited their considerable periodic checks. Where did the monies come from? The proceeds from the casino in Cherokee, NC.

The below video is pretty eye-opening. What benefits do these folks enjoy with the casino monies? Free health care, free college. Every 18 year old has approximately $500,000 given to them. And everyone gets their periodic checks from the casino proceeds. The tribal lands in Cherokee are a visual feast with beautifully maintained land and real estate because of the wealth to which they have access. This is in sharp contrast with the poverty seen in nearby non-tribal areas.

Sometimes it is possible to gain the whole world but lose one’s soul.

Another striking revelation is that they have developed an extensive nursery complex to cultivate marijuana, use it locally and also sell it for profit. This is a curious decision in view of Native Americans’ well-known struggles with substance abuse. Even though their lands sit geographically within the confines of North Carolina, it exists as its own nation with its own laws. It is not a reservation.

Check out the video below. It should be abundantly clear that if North Carolina citizens allow more casinos, it will probably reduce the Cherokees’ wealth. But I somehow doubt that, for instance, Rockingham County citizens will benefit from a casino in the manner the North Carolina Cherokees have:


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  1. Very interesting video. Eye-opening is an understatement. I’d guess many North Carolinians don’t know of this unique arrangement. What a deal. Pot, gambling and wealth.

    Rich men south of Richmond (-:

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