Obama Is The Puppeteer Behind the Biden Presidency

Many had suspected this for a long time. However, now a lefty article has been published that seems to confirm those suspicions. Check it out here.

The meaningful parts of the account begin on page 5. The article also alleges that Obama was the driving force behind much of the resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency from 2017 and thereafter.


6 thoughts on “Obama Is The Puppeteer Behind the Biden Presidency

  1. And this excerpted from “A Non-Pretending Discussion About Barack Obama
    August 4, 2023 ”

    Samuels: “Rob Malley is just one person. Brett McGurk. Dan Shapiro in Israel. Lisa Monaco in Justice. Susan Rice running domestic policy. It’s turtles all the way down. There are obviously large parts of White House policymaking that belong to Barack Obama because they’re staffed by his people, who worked for him and no doubt report back to him. Personnel is policy, as they say in Washington.

    Which to me is a very odd and kind of spooky arrangement. Spooky, because it is happening outside the constitutional framework of the U.S. government, and yet somehow it’s been placed off the list of permitted subjects to report on. Which is a pretty good indicator of the extent to which the information we get, and public reactions to that information, is being successfully controlled. How and by whom remain open questions, the quick answer to which is that the American press has become a subset of partisan comms.”

    1. As you read the article, Fred, you become aware that these people live in a completely different universe than we do; and their values and morals are quite different than ours. I don’t doubt, however, the truth of the manner in which Obama is portrayed, and the facts about his past and present. One of the key take-home points is that Obama presided over the transformation of the country to a more oligarchical structure, with the rise of billionaires and big tech; and also over the rise of the surveillance state.

      1. TC,
        The Patriot Act is the foundation of which much of the surveillance state is built upon.

        1. You are right, Tommy. And the authors of this long article point out that Obama was– in the early days– opposed to the Patriot Act. But since then he abused its surveillance powers– and used it to help the democratic socialists politically and also the oligarchical class.

    1. The article glances on this, Citizen, but does not answer the question directly. Yes, we had ample reason to suspect Obama is Biden’s puppeteer, but this is the first time a significant voice within the media/left complex has acknowledged it and provided bits of evidence.

      Who controls Obama? The Jewish Pritzker family in Chicago were his earliest big sponsors. Soros. Other billionaires– both within the tech industry and the financial industry (and to a lesser extent other industries), heavily Jewish but also including some who are not Jewish.

      The World Economic Forum? He is aligned with them, but I am not sure whether they control him.

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