Approximately 3% Develop Some Level of Myocarditis Due to Moderna Vaccine

That is the conclusion of a study conducted in Switzerland (HT: Fred). More information is found here.

This is a much higher percentage than I had seen in prior studies. Presumably, that is because it includes “subclinical” myocarditis– i.e., mild heart inflammation that does not cause any symptoms.

But the implications of this are potentially enormous.

Consider that approximately 10 million folks live in the state of North Carolina. If everyone had received this vaccine, that would mean roughly 300,000 citizens would have sustained some level of cardiac damage due to the vaccine. Some of this damage, but not all, would result in disability or death.

Those are sobering numbers.


2 thoughts on “Approximately 3% Develop Some Level of Myocarditis Due to Moderna Vaccine

    1. Dr. Peter McCullough has made the point that myocarditis cannot be trivialized, although some vaccine proponents have attempted to do so. He argues that loss of ANY heart muscle is unacceptable; and yet these Covid vaccines cause this on a fairly routine basis. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it has happened to a lot of people.

      And if the critical electrical pathways in the heart are disrupted, myocarditis can result in sudden death.

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