The Socialists Hate the Supreme Court These Days

They want judicial activism, and they have not been getting enough of it recently:


4 thoughts on “The Socialists Hate the Supreme Court These Days

    1. In fact, Fred, the repercussions ought to be in the other direction. The socialists ought to be held legally accountable for intimidating Supreme Court Justices and for attempting to use the courts to undermine the true meaning of the Constitution. These actions, correctly construed, represent treason and sedition– and they ought to be called out for those things and prosecuted.

      1. I totally agree. Do I think it will happen? I have the same long and short answers as Senator Kennedy. Sadly, I believe there are not enough people of high morality in Congress or the bureaucracy to do the right thing. Too many are compromised, having been seduced by lobbyists and others with money and power.

  1. I unfortunately agree, John. We have been witnessing things that should never have been happening. But this did not begin within the last couple of years. In fact, it has been going on for decades. The Washington establishment, the political class and the media pretend that nothing is wrong.

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